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The main object of a company is the boundary or limitation on the activities which a company can undertake. With the change in priorities, a company can seek to change its main object. The process to change company object is simple and easy with the experienced team of FirstFiling on your side.

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    Why and When should you Change Company Object?

    The objects mentioned in the MOA of a company is of great importance, and this clause determines the very purpose of the company. The objective of the company as drafted in the object clause is a boundary of its operation regarding what activities the company can perform. Any act of the company beyond what is mentioned or part of the object clause is ultra vires and thus void. To change company object clause of the MOA, the company shall pass a special resolution and file the copy of the said special resolution to the ROC.

    Documents required to change company object under the MOA

    1. Current Certificate of Incorporation
    2. MOA and AOA in Word Format
    3. List of Directors and Shareholders
    4. Proposed Main Object of the Company
    5. Digital Signature of the Authorised Director
    6. Letterheads (approx 10) and rubber stamp of director

    Procedure to change Company object under the MOA of a Company


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