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You can change registered office of LLP from one place to another within the same state or from one state to another state. Any change from one state to another state requires additional procedures of advertisement and approval of creditors if any.

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    Shifting of Registered Office of LLP

    A registered office refers to the official correspondence address of an LLP or its principal place of business. The address of the Registered Office will be used for all official communications of the LLP. The registered office of an LLP can be shifted from one place to another in the same state or from one state to another after complying with legal requirements.

    An LLP can shift its registered office from one place to another within the state or outside the state. The conditions set out in the LLP agreement have to be fulfilled for shifting the registered office.

    The process of shifting varies depends the location of the address where the office is to be shifted.

    Shifting of office within the state

    LLP can change its registered office from one place to another by following the procedure as laid down in the LLP Agreement. In case the LLP agreement is silent about the process, consent of all partners shall be required for changing the place of registered office to another place and LLP Agreement has to be amended if required to make necessary changes in the agreement. A notice of shifting the office is required to be filed with the Registrar of Companies.

    Shifting of office outside the state

    In case of change in place of registered office from one state to another state, the following additional requirements are to be complied with by the LLP in addition to the process of shifting of office within the state:

    1. If the LLP has secured creditors, consent of such secured creditors shall be obtained and
    2. The LLP shall publish a general notice giving notice of change of registered office, not less than 21 days before filing the notice with the Registrar, in a daily newspaper published in English and in the regional language of the district where the registered office of the LLP is situated.

    Requirements to Change Registered Office of LLP

    General Requirements

    • LLP agreement amendment
      If the LLP agreement contains the registered office address, then such agreement needs to be amended.
    • Approval of Partners
      Subject to the provisions of the LLP agreement, consent of partners is required for effecting the change in registered office.

    Documents Required

    Filing for Changing Registered office requires following documents

    •  Address Proof self-attesetd by building owner
    •  Rent agreement – rented office
    •  NOC Letter from the building owner

    Procedure to Change Registered Office of LLP


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