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For a startup starting their venture as LLP, the legal compliance and reporting requirement does not end at the incorporation of your LLP; instead, it begins from there. There are some other registrations like shops and establishment, professional tax, GST registration, activity-based licenses etc. is required. Our team at FirstFiling will be assisting you with the necessary compliance after LLP Incorporation.

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    Compliance After Incorporation of LLP

    We can divide Initial Startup Compliance into Four broad classifications for easy understanding. Each compliance is mandatory and is time bound. In general, the responsibility to obtain necessary registration and licenses is on the LLP itself through its designated partner. We are available for a detailed discussion with you at our offices. To set up an one to one meeting with our compliance specialist, please contact us, we shall be glad to assist you. We are also happy to inform that the first meeting for Initial Startup Compliance is without any charges or obligation.

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