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    What is Trademark Registration?

    A trademark is a visual symbol that can be a word, name, numbers, label, color combination, etc, which is used by businesses to distinguish its services or products from those of a different business. In India, Trademarks are listed by the Controller General of Patents Designs and Trademarks, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. Trademarks are registered under the Trademark Act, 1999. It gives the trademark owner the power to sue for losses when infringements of trademarks happen.

    Registered trademarks are the intellectual property of the business. They are used to safeguard the company’s investment in the brand or symbol. It is mandatory for a company to register its chosen Trademark as it will act as a unique symbol for the products and services they provide.

    Proposed trademarks that are similar or identical to an existing registered trademark cannot be registered. Moreover, a trademark is not registrable if it is offensive, general, unreliable, not unique, includes specifically protected emblems, etc.

    Once the trademark registration process is done, the ® symbol can be applied and the registration will become valid for 10 years. Registered trademarks nearing expiry can be renewed by filing a trademark renewal application for a time period of another 10 years.

    Who can apply for a Trademark?

    In context to the trademark rules and regulations in India, things like sound, logo, words, phrases, colors, images, symbols, initials, or a mixture of all these can be registered as a trademark.

    A trademark application can be made by:

    • Private firms
    • Individuals
    • Companies- Limited Liability Partnership, OPC, Private limited, Public, Partnership, etc.
    • NGOs

    Note: In the case of NGOs and LLPs, they must apply registration of the trademark in the name of the concerned business or a company.

    Trademark Symbols and their Usages:

    • ® Symbol: You receive the R symbol the moment you file the trademark application for registration. This type of symbol assists protects the trademark from getting copied by others.​
    • ™ Symbol: This symbol is for unregistered trademarks. It informs others from copying your logo, name, or symbol. It does not give you copyright protection, and others can apply your logo or name in case your application gets denied.​
    • © Symbol: The C symbol stands for contents that do not have any copyright issues. The symbol is necessary for many countries for copyright claims.​
    • ℠ Symbol: The service industry applies this symbol. The symbol is suitable for classes from 35 to 45. It never assures protection upon copyright issues.

    Benefits of Trademark Registration

    Procedure for Trademark Registration


    (All Inclusive)

    Documents Required for Trademark Registration

    • Proof of Applicant
    • PAN Card and Address Proof of Applicant
    • Certificate of registration (other than an Individual applicant)
    • Brand Name & Logo
    • Power of Attorney, to authorise us to file on their behalf
    • User Affidavit
    • Proof of TM Use
    • MSME / Start-up Recognition
    • Signed Form TM – 48
    • Board Resolution (in case of a company)

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Trademark registrations are unique to the goods or services they describe. The registrations can be product or service-specific. Also, they are made under a Class of goods or services they signify. The trademark registration will, hence, be valid for the whole class of goods or services it describes.

    Yes, the authorities mandate it for applicants to check all the documents they submit including the application for trademark registration by applying a Class III Digital signature. Our experts will help you e-verify all the documents in the correct way.

    Symbol “TM” can be applied after filing a trademark application. After registering a trademark a symbol “R” must be used. The ® symbol may only be used in connection with the goods and services mentioned on the registration certificate.

    The Trademark Registry has classified goods and services under 45 classes. Your application must mention the class/classes of the goods/services. The trademark would be registered under those classes only.

    A trademark is an intellectual property that is being assigned to a word or logo but on another hand, copyright assures you the protection for your unique content such as books, music, videos, songs, or even software.

    No, the registered trademark under Trademark Act 2000 is only valid in India. But in few other countries, it can be used as a base for registering the trademark in those countries.

    The Trademark Registry has classified goods and services under 45 classes. The class/classes of the goods/services should be mentioned accurately in an application. When doing a Trademark search you should only worry if a trademark with a similar name already exists in the same class.

    Class 1ChemicalsClass 16Stationery & Paper GoodsClass 31Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
    Class 2Paints, CoatingsClass 17Rubber ProductsClass 32Beer & Beverages
    Class 3Cleaning ProductsClass 18Leather GoodsClass 33Alcoholic Beverages
    Class 4Fuels, Industrial OilsClass 19Building MaterialClass 34Tobacco Products
    Class 5Veterinary ProductsClass 20FurnitureClass 35Advertising & Business Services
    Class 6Metals, metal castingsClass 21CrockeryClass 36Insurance & Financial Services
    Class 7Machines and Machine ToolsClass 22RopesClass 37Construction & Repair Services
    Class 8Hand Tools and implementsClass 23Yarns & ThreadsClass 38Telecommunications Services
    Class 9Computers & Scientific DevicesClass 24FabricsClass 39Shipping & Travel Services
    Class 10Surgical InstrumentsClass 25Clothing,Footwear & HeadgearClass 40Treatment of Materials Services
    Class 11AppliancesClass 26Lace & EmbroideryClass 41Education & Entertainment Services
    Class 12VehiclesClass 27CarpetsClass 42Science &Technology Services
    Class 13FirearmsClass 28Games & ToysClass 43Food Services
    Class 14JewelleryClass 29Meat ExtractsClass 44Medical & Veterinary Services
    Class 15Musical InstrumentsClass 30Coffee & Rice ProductsClass 45Legal & Security Services

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